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Laboratory Project Example

Cater Mattil Lab Renovation

Cater Mattil Laboratory Building, Texas A&M University

Cater Mattil Laboratory Building, Texas A&M University

Project Summary

Cater Mattil Laboratory Building Renovation
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

  • The Cater Mattil building renovation consisted of a complete redesign and renovation of all but four existing labs, which remained in service during the construction.

  • The entire HVAC system was replaced and updated to include a lab-trac system to control lab pressurization, and to provide energy saving setbacks when the labs are unoccupied.

  • Electrical distribution was upgraded.

  • A new standby generator was provided.

New Standby Generator

New Standby Generator

Project Details

  • Contract Type:  Design-Bid-Build

  • Plant Components:  Chilled Water Pump Replacement

  • Project Cost:  $5,732,000

  • Project Size:  27,000 sf

  • Design Start/Finish:  Aug. 23, 2013/November 22, 2013

  • Construction Start/Finish:  December 2013/June 2014

  • Project completed On Time - On Budget

Cater Mattil_outside-building.JPG

Cater Mattil_7.JPG

Lab Hoods - Specialty Gases - Lab Safety
Pressurization Control - Energy Savings

Cater Mattil_3.JPG
Cater Mattil_6.JPG