Ramirez Simon Engineering, LLC
MEP Consulting Engineers


Striving for Excellence


Our Principles - OUr Culture

“Striving for Excellence” in all that we do

•Service to our CLIENTS.
•Communication with our TEAM.
•FAMILY friendly work environment.
•COMMUNITY involvement. 

Our Mission

Ultimately, as MEP engineers, we design systems that provide occupant comfort through proper temperature control, user friendly power & lighting, and plumbing systems that simply work well inconspicuously.  When we achieve excellence in our design, our systems function properly and the occupant doesn’t have to think about temperature, lighting levels, or even where stuff goes after the flush.    

We also provide a flexible, comfortable work environment for our employees.  Our exceptional employees are the reason for our success.  Their care and diligent work ethic lead to outstanding team work and customer satisfaction.