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Residence Life-Dormitory Project

Eppright Hall
HVAC Renovation

Eppright Hall, Texas A&M

Eppright Hall, Texas A&M


Project Summary

The Challenge

The Eppright Hall renovation consisted of a complete redesign of the HVAC system. The new configuration includes a positive means to provide outside air to each of the individual dorm rooms. Also included was an energy recovery system which delivers energy cost savings to the owner, despite the fact that the new system provides 20% more outside air than the previous system! The success of this project has led to 9 additional HVAC replacements for similar dorms as well as 200+ MEP related projects at Texas A&M since 2013.

This project was kicked off in February 2013, with the constraint that construction needed to be completed by July 31, 2013 to be ready for fall semester. The owner contracted with Ramirez Simon Engineering (design) and Garrett Mechanical (construction) separately, but we operated much like a design-build team, working together to bring in the project on-time and on-budget:
- The contractor priced and ordered equipment from our preliminary design package.
- RSE completed the design around equipment that was pre-selected, and the project was completed on time.

Project Details

  • Contract Type: Design-Build (Fast Track)

  • Plant Components: Chilled Water & Hot Water Pump Replacement

  • Design Start/Finish:  Feb 5, 2013 / May 10, 2013

  • Construction Start/Finish:  May 10, 2013 / July 31, 2013

  • On Time - On Budget


Project Results

Utility usage and Cost Reductions

  • Over $75,000 per year in Total Utility Cost Savings

  • 29% reduction in Chilled Water Energy Usage

  • 41% reduction in Heating Hot Water Energy Usage