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Residence Life-Dormitories

RSE has completed over 50 major renovation or new construction projects for Residence Life Facilities, many of them at Texas A&M:

Texas A&M University

Eppright HallFeatured Project
•McFadden Hall
•Haas Hall
•Krueger Hall
•Mosher Hall 
•Hobby Hall HVAC Replacement
•Clements Hall
•Neeley Hall
•Davis-Gary Hall DHWR System
•Moses Hall DHWR System

•Walton Hall DHWR
•Wells Hall DHWR
•Rudder Hall
•Lechner Hall DHWR
•Aston Storefront Reno
•Dunn Storefront Reno
•Appelt Hall - DHWR
•Legett Hall
•Underwood Hall

Texas A&M University
Cater Mattil - Lab Renovation- Click Featured Project
•Giesecke – Temperature Control - Lab 134 & 134A
•Wisenbaker Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lab          
•Giesecke – Vibration Free & Temp Controlled Lab
•Vet Med GI Lab
•Emerging Technologies-Remodel Room 0008
• Animal Industries
•Halbouty Class 10,000 Clean Room
•Poultry Science
•Horticulture & Forest Science Bldg. (Wine Lab)
•TTI Bldg. Renovation
•GI Phase 3 & 4 Lab
•Symonds II Lab
•Centeq Genomics Lab      
•Heep 3rd Floor Lab Renovation
•Clean Lab Enabling Projects
•Coastal Engineering Lab (Hurricane Simulator)
•Vet Med Basement Renovation
•TTI Building Renovation
•Borlaug Growth Chamber
•ILSB Cryogenic TEM Room 1124 HVAC
•O&M Construct Class 100 Lab

•Agrilife Phenotyping
•Aerospace Building 7046 Reno.
•NCTM Dev. Lab Room Modifications 
•NUEN Lab at USB
•Soft Matter Facility – Lynntech Bldg.
•Wiesenbaker Laser-Optics Lab
•Civil Engineering Concrete Lab Reno.
•EIC 152 Hood Addition
•TEM Installation – Giesecke Rm 149 & 150
•Oceanography & Meteorology (O&M) 5th Floor
•NUEN Thermo Nuclear Lab & Nuclear Science Ctr
•Architecture Computer Labs

Rice University
•MD Anderson Teaching Lab
•Symonds II Lab
•Clean Lab Enabling Projects
•Dr. Link Relocation

Sam Houston State University
•MBM Demonstration Kitchen

Utilities Projects


Texas A&M University
• Polo Road Thermals, DCW & Ductbank
• UES add PSVs -Rudder Tower, O&M, Richardson
• Penberthy Thermals & Electrical Infrastructure
• UES Turk Road Thermals
• UES Lamar Stallings
• Install Cooling Tower for NUEN at USB

Sam Houston State University
• 24 CHW Extension from EPLT to Bowers
• CHW & Electrical Utility Extension
• UTMB League City – Utilities Expansion

Rice University
• Utility Infrastructure Extension

Facilities Assessments

Rice University
• Rice University – Herzstein Hall Elevator Pre-Design
• Rice – SST 2nd Floor Conceptual Design
• Rice Utility Infrastructure Extension
• Herzstein Hall & Mechanical Lab Building Predesign
• Media Center Pre-Design
• Teaching Lab Study (Phase 2)
• Boiler Analysis
Sam Houston State University
• CHW & Electrical Infrastructure Evaluation

Texas A&M University
• Giesecke Electron Microscope Study
• St. Joseph’s Regional Health – Generator Study
• St. Joseph’s Radiology Bldg. MEP Assessment
• TCF Utility Survey
• Reproductive Sciences HVAC Study

CHI St. Joseph Health

• St. Joseph’s Regional Health – Generator Study
• St. Joseph’s Radiology Bldg. MEP Assessment